Chanel Markus is a self-taught Contemporary Artist born in Toronto, Canada. Her work is strongly influenced by humanity, faces being the common focal point. Playing with concepts & questions, her artwork evokes many varying emotions that challenge the mind, perhaps even opening it to new dimensions of thought. Her art, mirroring her life, is always evolving and going through phases, like the natural rhythms of the universe. With a vast imagination and endless ways of self expression, her goal in being an Artist is to create a world of her own, where all are welcome to feel, think and make room for the unique gifts we all have to offer. 


10/2018 Sweet Dreams and Candy Coated Nightmares,

Freedom Factory Gallery, Toronto, CA

09/2018  Upstart Exhibit, The Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, CA

09/2018  Anniversay Show, Freedom Factory Gallery, Toronto, CA

09/2018 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, CA

12/2017  Variety Show, Barcs Arts Gallery, Toronto, CA

09/2017 Cabbagetown Festival, Toronto, CA

09/2015 Cabbagetown Festival, Toronto, CA