I am a self-taught artist based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Creating art is not only my passion but my way of releasing and expressing thoughts and feelings.

The medium I prefer is watercolour, and although it can be unforgiving, it continues to intrigue me with its possibilities. Constantly trying new things with it, exploring its traits and qualities, i'm always teaching myself as i work. I love being able to have a vision morph before my eyes as i create it. Often starting a piece with intent and letting the paint have some freedom as well. Not everything in life can be controlled. Similarly, watercolour being my medium definitely has a mind of its own.  

Being a Gemini, with the dualities it brings, often offers up competing ideas to my works and series. Working in my comfort zone is always relaxing, however experimenting with new ideas and techniques is exciting.

My art is always evolving and going through stages, as i go through phases. My current obsession and inspiration is the face. I love how all faces have the same basic elements, yet are all so unique and fascinating. Evoking emotions and expressions as well as the absence of both is my goal. 

Variety is key. I feel my art is original and interesting, and unusual at times. I adore beauty and creativity and try to encompass both in all my pieces. 

I hope to capture and intrigue the viewers of my art, letting each person take something a little different from my works.